Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rev Recommends: Roses I Grow!

Someone asked me if I had a list of the roses I grow.  The answer is, "Yes, would you like it?"  Well like it or not, here it is by class, beginning with the minis because I have a photo I just have to share with you.  This is not necessarily an endorsement - just what I am growing now. 

I am giving 22 of them the "Rev Recommends" designation.  These are roses that I have grown and have proven themselves over time as offering beauty, disease resistance, and are not real fussy.  If your growing conditions are more extreme please do your research to make sure they are fitting for you.  I have linked each name to the helpmefind.com page to make this easier.  Others on my list may be too new to me to really recommend or they may have some flaws that I am willing to deal with that keep them from reaching to top of my list.  So here it is.

Tattooed Lady, click on the image and take a closer look at what's hiding in there.

Miniature Roses
  • Ebb Tide                            Rev Recommends
  • Scentimental                     *Too young for evaluation
Hybrid Tea
  • Oklahoma                        
Hybrid Bracteata
Hybrid Perpetual
Hybrid Rugosa
Hybrid Musk
  • Ballerina                          
  • Buff Beauty                       Rev Recommends
  • Jeri Jennings                   *Too young for evaluation
  • Lavender Lassie               Rev Recommends
English Roses
  • Braveheart                                 *Too young for evaluation
  • DayDream                           Rev Recommends
  • Rhapsody in Blue              Rev Recommends
  • Siren's Keep                              *Too young for evaluation
  • Vineyard Song                    Rev Recommends


  1. We are on the edge of zones 6/7. How about you?

  2. I'm 7a. I suppose it is dry there? The reason you have success with Austins. They are extremely difficult here. BS magnets.

    Your zone would be perfect for HP's.

    Are you total organic, or do you spray?

  3. Yeah, we are pretty dry here, especially this year. Gertrude Jekyll, Fair Bianca, and Vi's Violet are my blackspot problems. I'm somewhat organic. I will spray my BS offenders once or twice a year or to kill thrips and I use organic soil supplements with occassional MiracleGrow on the end of a hose a couple of times a year. Back to the BS, I began spraying my rose with the water hose a couple of times a week (leaves and all) and believe it or not it keeps the BS down. Something Paul Zimmermann mentioned last year but I have been doing it for a while and it works.

  4. Very interesting list. I love the Austin's. Like Jim, they suffer from BS something bad in my 7b garden. As they age, it seems to get better. Great post.

  5. You guys got me curious about our rain totals compared to your areas. Our area of Oklahoma has an average rain fall of 36". How does that compare to your areas? When it rains, it rains and when it doesn't the skies are clear. We don't have many cloudy days.