Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: This Morning's Photos

Ebb Tide

Treasure Trail

Unconditional Love

Vineyard Song


Reine des Violettes

Precious Dream

Pat Austin

Gertrude Jekyll


  1. Beautiful! I see a few I'm adding to my list!

  2. So what did you decide you need?

  3. Your roses look happy and healthy, thanks for the pictures. I love Precious Dream especially.

  4. Thanks. I guess the upside of no rain is that as long as you are willing to water they will grow healthy. Precious Dream has been espcially lovely this Spring.

  5. Wow! What a flush of bloom. I do not grow Ebb Tide, but now wish I did. Your Reine Des Violettes is very nice. I could go on and on......

  6. of the Austins I have drooled over, Tradescant and Pat Austin are my prime slobberers. Those colors are primo. Does the red hold up in the sun?

  7. grouchy, I'm real happy with Tradescant. It is by far the best red Austin I have grown. In July and August the flowers hold their color but get crunchy. I am not sold on Pat Austin yet. The plant is not a strong grower and the flowers do not last long. They are gorgeous for a day or two and then they shatter and are gone. I'm withholding judgement for another year and see how things progress.

    You mentioned that that you thought I should grow more Hybrid Pertetuals. Any suggestions?

  8. Scott,a lot of the older Austins have HP backgrounds, which make some of them 'gangly'to folks who are not familiar with hps.. Since I do not grow any Austins, I have never played with different techniques in growing or even if you could play like you can an hp.

    The reason I ask about the sun and your reds, is because the reds of the oldies (few that there are) tend not to fair well in full day sun here in the upper south . As you say, crunchy. But they do very well for me with afternoon shade. That said, there is ALWAYS the exception. And, with exclusion of teas/chinas.

    This is good fodder for an 'active' discussion on your site.

    I dare not suggest anything that is so personal and affects ones own sense of sight and small.

  9. Gangly and a little wild I can always deal with, maybe even prefer. Puny is a problem.

    Seems like as good a place as any to share good fodder. If it violates blogging etiquette then I can always claim ingorance as a new blogger.

    Still wish you would suggest a few HPs that you like.

  10. Hi Rev. I think you said something about purchasing "Striped Rugosa" on my blog and I wondered where you're ordering it from?

  11. Hi Prof, Yes I ordered Moore's Striped Rugosa from Rogue Valley Roses. They just listed it as restocked this April and ready to ship next week. I also know that Burlington Roses plans to have it available in the Fall. I think it shares a rugosa parent with Linda Campbell.